Timeless and creatively captured images from your wedding day is my passion. Something you can hold onto throughout the years to look back on one of the most wonderful days of your life; the day you vowed forever to your best friend.

You've got the man, you've got the ring, now you get to plan the wedding of your dreams!
You've pictured a beautifully curated wedding with all the small details for years and want it to be perfect and full of laughter. You can't wait to be surrounded by the ones you love most as you and your best friend vow the rest of your lives to one another. That in and of itself is such a beautiful moment. All you need is someone to capture the moment just the way it happens. Someone who will not only capture the sweet and possibly emotional moments that unfold between you and your groom, but also to guide you seamlessly throughout your day and help each raw and real moment between the two of you stay just that.

Being able to capture your story in the best way possible includes getting to know you as a couple. I will be right beside you along with your closest friends and family on a one-of-a-kind day! I want you to feel at ease with me because we will be spending a lot of time together on your special day and I am so invested in your marriage, just think of me like a bonus friend you didn't know you had!

So lets grab a latte or champagne and talk all things wedding and your love story! If you are out of state we can arrange a call. 

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Creating a custom package means you get exactly what you need for price you can afford. During our initial meetup we will go over all your thoughts about what your day will be like. Part of this process is creating a custom timeline for your day outlining exactly how much coverage you will need. 

A well curated timeline for your wedding day will not only insure that each moment is carefully captured. It can also help the flow of your day move seamlessly. From the moment you book with me you will have a tentative timeline to help you schedule when and where everyone needs to be, taking one more thing off your list.

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