June 24, 2019

It was a hot day…and I mean the “just ran my best in a 5k” type of sweat. But we didn’t run to Rip Van Winkle Gardens (thank goodness) and with a couple of breaks, we managed to have a fabulous session despite the hot weather!

Danielle and Jean-Paul had me laughing their whole session, because they laughed a lot and I love that! It also shared something about them which is that they aren’t afraid to have fun and that they are the kind of people that you just want to be “best couples friends” with.

The last time I was at Rip Van Winkle was for my first solo wedding that I shot this time last year (almost to the day)! It was good to be back.

Thanks for having fun with me you two! I know y’all will have a gorgeous wedding in February. I can’t wait!


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