July 12, 2019

It all began in 7th grade. Adele and Ean became best friends, went to the same High School and decided to date. However they also decided to stop dating as they felt that they were better off as friends. Obviously that got thrown right out the window when they decided that friends just wasn’t enough. These two were (and are) inseparable. Apparently everyone else saw that they would end up back together except for her (so sweet!).

According to Adele, Ean knows her better than anyone.


Ean asked her entire family if he could have the honor of her hand in marriage!! I mean, swoon! This required a bit of sneakiness as Adele was waiting for Ean to come over one evening and he was taking forever. She was a bit confused when she saw his truck parked at her parents house and called him to ask what was taking so long, he didn’t give much of an answer which just confused her more (this was when he was asking her family).

Flash forward to one evening they were cooking gumbo together and talking about their future when he popped the question and it all made sense! I guess that gumbo did the trick and reached right for his heart! Haha!


Now patiently (impatiently) waiting for your wedding next November!!


  1. Geraldine Miles ( mamas) says:

    Great pictures of you & Ean

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