Often, I hear couples say that they are concerned about looking awkward or fake in photos. I have been there and I get it. There is something about being in front of the camera that can be daunting.  I watch for details out of place and make sure you look your best, it's my specialty!

Guiding you through the entire process is a big part of what I do.

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During our entire process I am not only making sure you look your best in photos but also checking in with you, making sure you have eaten, bustling your dress, pinning your veil in if it falls out, grabbing you a drink to cool off. I have buttoned countless dresses, put on garters, helped with clothing tape, sewed buttons and dress straps, the list goes on. But at the end of the day, I want to do whatever I can to help you have the best day and not have to worry about those little things. Serving you in any way I can is my passion! Just prepare yourself for the occasional pun or cheesy joke.


One of my favorite parts of being your wedding photographer is not just taking your photos but being a part of your lives! I get to show up on your wedding day as not only your photographer but a familiar face and friend who has your back and cares deeply.

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My Why

Capturing the reactions of guests, loved ones and the two of you is something I take very seriously.

Something I have learned in this business, and in life, is that you never know the last image you will take of or with someone. During wedding days we have a lot of things going on around us, the bride and groom especially usually have lots of people to entertain, talk to, take photos with. Emotions are high, and the moments attached to them can pass quickly. Capturing the reactions of guests, loved ones and the two of you is something I take very seriously. Being able to witness first-hand the way a grandfather watches how his granddaughter looks in her wedding dress is an honor and deserves to be remembered.

everything was easy

"From start to finish, everything was easy and Elizabeth went above and beyond for us. She is professional, fun to work with and makes it such a comfortable situation."

Maurie B.

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